e-market place Cameroon

e-market place Cameroon

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Emapecam is an e-commerce site like no other. this site is built on a solid foundation, inspired by the real business system and taking into account the uncertainties as well as the bad faith of certain buyers and sellers, standing in the middle of all commercial transactions, protecting individuals and ensuring quality and quantity as well as instant delivery. In addition, we also give individuals the opportunity to do business with us as partners, even without capital. This site is the perfect place for an African man to do business online.

The ceo emapecam is NGERYI ANDY LUTHER KING.

He is a business consultant in marketing strategies, business organisation and realisation. Expert and experienced with answers to the of what,where and for whom to carryout business in both French and English regions of Cameroon

Cameroon - Yaounde


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